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International Headquarters, Chicago, Illinois

Undergraduate Chapter Websites

Alpha Chapter, Howard University, Washington, DC
Epsilon Chapter, Boston City Chapter, MA
Eta Chapter, Bowie, MD
Alpha Delta Chapter, Morgan State University* 
Alpha Mu Chapter, Brooklyn City Chapter, NY
Beta Lambda Chapter, University of the District of Columbia
Gamma Epsilon Chapter, Philadelphia City Wide
Gamma Zeta Chapter, Rutgers Univ. & NJ Institute of Technology
Delta Gamma Chapter, Pennsylvania State University
Delta Iota Chapter, Cheyney University, PA
Delta Mu Chapter, Temple University, PA*
Zeta Sigma Chapter, College of New Jersey*
Theta Iota Chapter, West Chester University
Theta Nu Chapter, University of Maryland at College Park
Iota Psi Chapter, Rutgers University
Lambda Gamma Chapter, University of Delaware*
Lambda Zeta Chapter,
American University
Lambda Rho Chapter, Rowan University
Lambda Upsilon Chapter, MIT, Harvard, Wellesley
Lambda Phi Chapter, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Mu Delta, George Washington University, Washington, DC
Nu Mu Chapter, Queens College, St. John's University, York College
Xi Lambda Chapter, Dartmouth College*
Xi Mu Chapter, SUNY New Paltz
Xi Xi Chapter, Lehman College
Xi Omicron Chapter, City Chapter / New Haven, CT
Xi Tau Chapter, Johns Hopkins University*
Omicron Eta Chapter, City Chapter / Westchester County, NY
Omicron Theta Chapter, Manhattan Marymount College
Pi Epsilon Chapter, Rutgers University - Camden
Pi Iota Chapter, William Patterson University
Rho Theta Chapter, Pace University
Rho Upsilon Chapter, Kean University / Seton Hall University*
Sigma Lambda Chapter, City Chapter / Mainline, PA
Tau Theta Chapter, Stevenson University, Stevenson, MD*

Graduate Chapter Websites

Epsilon Omega Chapter, Baltimore, MD
Zeta Omega Chapter, Wilmington, DE
Xi Omega Chapter, Washington, DC*
Tau Omega Chapter, New York, NY*
Omega Omega Chapter, Philadelphia, PA
Beta Alpha Omega Chapter, Newark, NJ
Delta Mu Omega Chapter, Albany, NY
Delta Pi Omega Chapter, Annapolis, MD 
Delta Rho Omega Chapter
, Brooklyn, NY*
Epsilon Iota Omega Chapter, Delaware, MD
Epsilon Pi Omega Chapter
, Queens County, NY*
Epsilon Sigma Omega Chapter, Harrisburg, PA
Zeta Nu Omega Chapter, Westchester County, NY*
Eta Omega Omega Chapter, Bronx, NY
Theta Epsilon Omega Chapter, New Haven, CT
Theta Iota Omega Chapter, Suffolk-Nassau Counties, L.I., NY
Theta Kappa Omega Chapter, Atlantic City, NJ*
Theta Pi Omega Chapter, Burlington, Camden and Gloucester Counties, NJ*
Theta Phi Omega Chapter, Plainfield New Jersey
Theta Psi Omega Chapter, Providence, RI*
Theta Omega Omega Chapter, Silver Spring, Maryland*
Iota Alpha Omega Chapter, Poughkeepsie, NY
Iota Gamma Omega Chapter, Lanham, MD
Iota Epsilon Omega Chapter, Teaneck, NJ*
Iota Lambda Omega Chapter, Columbia, MD*
Iota Tau Omega Chapter, West Chester, PA

Nu Zeta Omega Chapter, Charles, St. Mary’s and Calvert Counties, MD*
Nu Xi Omega Chapter, Greater Middlesex & Somerset Counties, NJ*

Xi Delta Omega Chapter, Havre de Grace, Maryland

Xi Zeta Omega Chapter, Washington, DC*

Xi Sigma Omega Chapter, Gaithersburg, MD
Xi Chi Omega Chapter, Hudson Valley, NY

Omega Zeta Omega Chapter, Doylestown, PA  Greater Bucks County
Omicron Gamma Omega Chapter, Glen Burnie, MD*
Omicron Xi Omega Chapter, Montclair, NJ
Omicron Upsilon Omega Chapter, Stamford/Norwalk CT
Pi Theta Omega Chapter, Morristown, NJ 
Pi Iota Omega Chapter, White Plains, NY
Pi Kappa Omega Chapter, New York, NY
Pi Mu Omega Chapter, Willingboro, NJ
Pi Xi Omega Chapter, Passaic County, NJ*
Pi Pi Omega Chapter, Westbury, NY
Pi Psi Omega Chapter, Spring Valley, NY*
Rho Gamma Omega Chapter, The Oranges & Maplewood, NJ*
Rho Epsilon Omega Chapter
, Wellesley, MA*
Rho Theta Omega Chapter, Philadelphia, PA*
Rho Kappa Omega Chapter, Hudson County (Jersey City), NJ*
Rho Mu Omega Chapter, Washington, DC*
Rho Xi Omega Chapter, Baltimore, MD
Sigma Zeta Omega Chapter, Newark, DE
Sigma Psi Omega Chapter, Long Island, NY*
Tau Delta Omega Chapter, Chester, PA

Tau Nu Omega Chapter, Bronx, NY
Tau Xi Omega Chapter, Hamden, CT
Upsilon Delta Omega Chapter
, Camden, Burlington and Gloucester Counties, NJ*
Upsilon Epsilon Omega Chapter, Baltimore, MD*
Upsilon Tau Omega Chapter, Fort Washington, MD
Phi Beta Omega Chapter, North Wales, PA
Phi Eta Omega Chapter, Scotch Plains, NJ
Chi Theta Omega, Frederick, MD
Psi Omega Chapter, Boston, MA*  
Psi Epsilon Omega Chapter, Laurel, MD*  
Psi Iota Omega Chapter,Brockton, MA

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